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At GLP, injection molding is the focal point around which we offer complementary services and expertise revolve. We rely on our team’s know-how and high-performance equipment to mold high-quality parts in mass production based on the specifications and deadlines required by your production.

Injection molding

We produce millions of parts every year.

40 +Injection
molding presses
FROM 40 TO 1500 Tons
200 000 ft2FACILITIES
150 +Employees

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Since 1976, GLP has specialized in producing high- quality parts thanks to its cutting-edge expertise in thermoplastic injection molding. Proud of our team and our facilities, we rise to the challenge of surpassing industry standards by keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies in our sector. We serve an international clientele with innovative projects that always drives us to do better. Our history is crafted by the work of our company builders and their vision of offering all services under one roof.

Our history