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Our facilities

The layout of our facilities has been designed to ensure increased part productivity while keeping complementary expertise close at hand. With a large surface area dedicated to injection molding and state-of-the-art equipment such as robotic arms, we produce thousands of parts every day to each project’s unique specifications. 

Our facilities also include several loading docks, enabling us to optimize the delivery of parts produced by our team. Our overhead cranes are positioned at the right height to move molds and other heavy loads efficiently. Our facilities are ergonomically designed, and our equipment is regularly renewed to provide our team with the right tools for the job.

A vast space to serve you better

Plant100,000 ft2
Injection molding78,000 ft2
Storage100,000 ft2

Complementary technologies under one roof

In its vision of offering its customers a turnkey service, GLP has developed complementary expertise while acquiring advanced technologies. Mold-making, chemical and laser texturing, and prototype molding can all be carried out in our facilities by engineers and technicians who have many years of experience.

Does your project require the production of an impressive number of parts? Our injection molding specialists are with you from start to finish.